Point Fraser Sun Shade Project

Location: Perth, Western Australia

Project Type: Public Building Structure

Syrinx Environmental/City of Perth

This was Austruct’s ground-breaking Australian project. The scope of works included shop detailing, fabrication, surface treatment and delivery of three architecturally-designed sun shades to Perth, Australia. The steelworks were fabricated to Australian Standards and City of Perth Engineering Standards.

The sun shade structures incorporated a curved, circular hollow section for the main column and coned hollow section material for the canopy section. This created difficulties for fabrication and shipping! To avoid hot works on site, a sleeve bolting system was designed by our engineer. This saved many site labour hours for installation. In order to save on the cost of shipping, we designed a transport frame which allowed all components to be packed inside of a standard 40ft open top sea container. The transport frames were then able to be easily lifted from the sea container when they are arrived on site. Hundreds of steel leaves (galvanised and powder coated) were also supplied with good quality.