FMG Cloud Break Overland Conveyor Project

Location: Pilbara, Western Australia

Project Type: Mining Process Plant and Equipment

RCR Mining / FMG

Austruct’s scope of work include supply of 4.3km of galvanised steel stringers for FMG’s relocatable overland conveyors. Austruct’s facility has one of the largest press machine and the most advanced CNC cutting and drilling process plant, which ensure the quality and tolerance for the project are achieved. 

Austruct was also awarded to fabricate modularised 160t Surge Bin in one piece. This is a fast track project, all the work include shop detailing, material procurement, fabricate, surface treatment, supply and installation of over 30t of wear Liners and made readiness for shipping within 8 weeks. 

Completing the large Surge Bin within 8 weeks was a challenge especially in the winter. To overcome the difficulties during fabrication and surface treatment, Austruct team worked closely with the design engineers and the contractor and the client to ensure there is no time wasted in communications and inspections. Large skilled workforce  have given big contribution to the success of the project.

Standard FMG project specifications and relevant Australian Standards.