About Us

Austruct Industries, (formerly Yutian Industries), was established in 1997 as a steel product trading and distribution business for the domestic and international market. Since a robust industrial relationships were built with in-country and overseas business partners during years operations, Austruct was formed and initially serve the clients as a project operator/manager.  In 2008, Austruct was engaged by China Construction Steel Structure Co. Ltd (CCSSC) to lead their Australian projects, as well as other overseas projects.  In 2011, Austruct became an independent fabrication services provider powered by our own project executive team.  To present, Austruct are proud of ourselves as a leader in the fabrication industry. 

Our facility, with waterfront access to the Yangtze River, is one of the largest heavy engineering facilities of its kind in China, spread over 320,000m2 in total (with 70,000m2 of this being undercover). 

Our location in Jiangyin (the Jingjiang Industrial Park at Jiangsu Province) is in the heart of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, an area currently experiencing the most rapid economic development in China.

Our prime location gives access to the best logistic and supporting facilities allowing our works to operate at greater efficiency than our competitors.

Our workshop facilities include six large specialised workshops with a total area of 70,000m2. This allows for an annual production capacity of up to 300,000 tonnes (25,000 tonnes a month). All our workshops have high, wide bay designs for assembly of large structures and modules. Handling and lifting is facilitated by multiple overhead gantry cranes giving us the capacity to handle synchronised lifts up to 150 tonnes.

Our closeness to Huacheng Port facility allows us to fabricate, assemble and load out large modules directly onto international vessels. Huacheng Port is a registered International Port and has over 200m in length berth and 30,000dwt capacity. The loading berth is equipped with 50T and 200T lifting capacity shore cranes.

Austruct also has over 20,000 square metres specialised shop spaces where are delicated to fabricating pressure vessels, pipe spools and skid fabrication and assembly works. Our facility have the capability to undertake large quantity repeatable units.

Austruct has a team of dedicated and highly-trained fabrication supervisors, engineers, inspectors and project managers. Integrating elegant management systems with a well-trained and experienced team means we can stand by the quality of our product and provide quality assurance for our clients.

Our leadership team has extensive experience and expertise across a wide range of industries.

Sun Bin (Tommy)
Executive General Manager

Tommy has more than 20 years’ experience in the construction and heavy industry. He oversees the day-to-day management of Austruct with a focus on business development and strategic planning.

Sun Jun (Tonni)
General Manager Finance

Tonni is responsible and accountable for financial management for the company.

Zhang Xiaoquan (Jack)
General Manager Operations
B.E (Structural)

With more than 15 years’ experience in the steel fabrication industry, Jack is responsible for the overall operations of the company including the Engineering Department, Procurement, Fabrication Department, Human Resources, WearPro, as well as business improvement.  

Shi Dekai (James)
Manager Fabrication
B.E (Mechanical)

James brings more than 20 years’ steel fabrication management experience to the company. His career has been built on a practical approach to fabrication management and strong customer focus. James is responsible for overall fabrication management and performance for the company.

Yang Song (Sonney)
Manager Quality
B.E (Mechanical)

Sonney leads our team of quality inspectors and is responsible for ensuring we meet all client requirements, project specifications and relevant standards. Sonney has extensive experience in managing the quality aspects of large and complicated projects.

Gu Guangqing (Jay)
Manager Engineering
B.E (Mechanical)

Jay is a qualified SMP engineer and leads our team of engineers, draftspersons. He is responsible and accountable for Austruct’s Engineering Business Unit.

At Austruct, the way we treat our employees, clients and others we do business with is how we set ourselves apart from our competitors. Our company is built on and operates by the following core values:

Our most important asset is our people and we foster teamwork at all levels. We value our people and our relationships and enjoy seeing success in others. This might look like helping an employee reach their full career potential or helping clients by delivering a successful project.

We are committed to finding solutions for our clients that best achieve their goals. We place a high value on relationships and are committed, not only to the quality of the project we complete, but to a Quality and Safety First approach in all our operations.

We recognise that excellence in managing safety is critical to the success of our business and projects. We therefore impose strict health and safety procedures on all our employees and all other persons who may be affected by our operations, including contractors and clients.

Our vision is that, together with our employees, suppliers, contractors and client, we can create an injury and illness-free workplace where everyone goes home safe and healthy each day of their working life.

Austruct’s quality approach is defined by our commitment to high standards and no tolerance for substandard products. We understand client concerns about the quality of China-based projects. Austruct’s experienced project supervisors and quality personnel are able to dispel these concerns by providing regular day-to-day reports, consistent inspections and ongoing audits of our workshop, subcontractors and suppliers. All inspections are carried out in accordance with project specifications, Inspection and Testing Plans (ITPs) and relevant standards.

Maintaining good communication with our clients and suppliers at all times ensures our core message of project quality is delivered and adhered to. As a dynamic company, we believe quality is a by-product of the effort we put into projects upfront.

We are passionate about what we do! We are excited to be able to provide our clients with solutions that meet their needs and allow us to deliver a quality project. It’s what gets us up each morning and gives us the internal drive to exceed expectations.

Our company values guide all our development directions and shape our company culture.